Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shorn, Yes. Folorn? Probably!

Late on Sunday night, India were well on their way on their way to pummelling England in the fourth match of the Hero Honda series. The stadium was in a frenzy, the players presumably psyched. But as Ishant Sharma came in to bowl his penultimate over, the only thought I had was - 'What happened to his hair?' [Close second - 'Why wasn't Sapna Bhavnani there to rescue him?']

Shorn of his tresses, Ishant is no longer our desi answer to the fire-breathing, arm-flapping , mullet-wielding Oz spearhead, Jason Gillespie. He might continue to excel, but minus the volume, post wicket celebrations will be low key. And he also loses the opportunity to earn compliments from military-dictator-heads-of-state.

Advice for budding fast bowlers: Keep the length. Without his mane, in the eyes of the viewing public, Ishant is strangely .........diminished.

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