Friday, June 11, 2010


Yesterday, I saw a billboard for 'Kreative Krafts' (at Haji Ali, if anyone's interested), and all of a sudden I realized, 'K' is the new 'C.' It's like 40s becoming the new 20s, only with alphabets.

Ks have been knocking Cs off their pedestals for some time now. In my experience, this dates back to the Swat Kats, crime-fighting felines from my school days. Even as a child, I understood almost instinctively that a cat could never be a kat, even though when my dad was in high school, being a 'cat' meant something.  Oddly enough, it was a compliment.

Perhaps this change has to do with physicality, because, let's face it, appearances are important. The 'k' stands tall in a way the 'c' simply can't. It seems bolder, stronger, ready to force itself into the world. The 'c', on the other hand, seems almost meek, crouching in on itself in a letter's approximation of the foetal position. It's also possible that the dominance of the 'k' reflects our common cultural preference for slim lines as opposed to round shapes. Numerologists would have us believe that alphabets can impact planetary positions, and consequently, our fates. But that's krazy talk!

It's only natural, therefore, that Bollywood is filled with Kapoors, Khans, and wannabe Kapurs and Khans. That heroes are named Karan. That the leading lady in Indian cinema today is Kat. That many immortal dialogues hinge on 'Kyon,' 'Kya,' 'Kahan,' and 'Kaise?'. That hit television shows begin with the letter K. And that K. Jo drinks koffee.

Clearly, kool is now the new cool. Its domination of our popular culture is complete. I would advise Cs in the other parts of the world to be very, very skared indeed.

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