Sunday, June 6, 2010

Flights of Fancy

Late last night, I found myself thinking about Tagore and his incredible ability to embrace multiple media - I began wondering about how his ideas regarding aesthetics would accommodate blogs, tumblr, Twitter. Would he have engaged with these forms? To what end? A couple of tangential leaps of late-night logic later, I began speculating about what my favorite artists (all deceased, bar one) would have to say about Twitter. Or on it. This is my attempt at channelling the voices of the late and great, tongue wedged firmly in cheek.

Da Vinci: Update: painted the masterpiece. Between dissecting corpses, drawing diagrams, inventing things, looking good.

Magritte: Spotted: Gigantic furry green apple. Feeling: Lingering sense of menace. WTF!

Warhol: 15 minutes AND 140 characters?

Seurat: Pixellations

Mondrian: __________ .._______ .....___

Pollock: It's less about the tweet than the act of stabbing at my keyboard. Just so.

Picasso: They sa        my          twe         ok  off
                         y                          ets   lo

Gaugain: Bright light, pretty women, tropical landscapes. Tahiti - inspiration guaranteed.

Monet: Painting water lilies. Again. The light changes, really!

Raza: ....o O O O O o....

And to round them off, one important critic and philosopher on aesthetics -
Coomaraswamy: I'd encourage us to privilege the tweeple over the individual tweeter.

Well, that was fun.

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