Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Weekend Project

I spent most of my life blithely unaware of the possibilities inherent in 'the weekend.' Saturdays, in particular, were treated as a more or less ordinary part of the week, to be spent no differently than a Thursday, or perhaps even a Monday. Sundays had their moments - large and calorific family lunches, visits to galleries or libraries or the beach, and afternoon naps. Weekends only assumed their significance once I started working. Even then, it was a while before I recognized the connection between my uncharacteristic Thursday night beatitude and the possibility of Friday night plans (even if these were limited to movie nights, at home, with popcorn serving as the proverbial icing on the cake). 

Since then, I've had all kinds of weekends - good, bad, memorable, dull, action-packed, long and lazy. Like birthday parties, brunches and sneaker shopping, the weekend, too, has become a 'project.' It needs to be utilized optimally - those 48 hours allocated efficiently so as to maximize pleasure (and leisure). Which realization begs the question - which is the best kind of weekend to have? I'm no veteran, but as far as I'm concerned, the perfect weekend would call for some combination of at least 4 of the following -

  • Instant noodles or chocolate cupcakes
  • Movies
  • One excessively indulgent meal
  • High street shopping
  • Budget shopping
  • 2 interesting conversations (gossip counts)
  • Books
  • Perusal (yes, perusal) of the Sunday papers
  • Naps
  • Caffeine
  • Something 'constructive' which may involve fixing things, paying bills, making boring calls or a diffuse sense of purposefulness
  • Abandonment of all plans for fitness-improvement
  • Watching back to back episodes of Frasier or 30 Rock while eating instant noodles or cupcakes
  • Something cultural (watching Frasier or 30 Rock does not count)
  • Something to dress up for/ something to wear flip-flops to
Having distilled weekends into a to-do list, complete with options and possibilities for customization, it is safe to say that 'something constructive' has been accomplished, for which instant noodles slash cupcake would serve as a legitimate reward. This may sound suspiciously like organization-speak, but to be honest, I'm too busy relaxing to notice.
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