Saturday, September 10, 2011

From an Unhelpful Index to....

The best thing about Alan Fletcher's book, 'The Art of Looking Sideways' is that the index is totally useless. The only way to find something you like, once you've liked it, is to go through a whole bunch of other pages, and find something new you like, and forget all about that thing you first liked that you were looking for.

Which is cool.

I like linearity and conclusions myself, but there's something to be said for spinning around in circles, for chasing ideas, for seeking out the needle in the haystack, and for having more thoughts at one time than a sane person reasonably should. It keeps conversations interesting. And it makes the world a little bit more interesting, too. Imagine a day spent going - 'Hey! Did you see that.....wait a minute, what's going on there....I know, wasn't he just the most......Hey!It's been forever since....Are you listening to me?'

Well, maybe not a day. But an hour.

Cognitive unruliness means there's always something new out there. That attention isn't jaundiced. That the train of thought has been so frequently derailed that it is past re-assemblage and its components have wandered off to find themselves.

Like I said, maybe not for a day. But maybe an hour, or 75 minutes.

Cognitive unruliness. A bit like Question Hour in Parliament, but better. I like the sound of it.


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