Sunday, October 16, 2011

Music for Grown-Ups (An Almost Post)

I like jazz. 

I like how the sounds are complex and unpredictable. I like the syncopation and the synchronization. I like the eye contact and the winking and the nudging. I like the metaphors it lends itself to. I like the big, glossy, gleaming instruments, the sharp suits and the wing-tips. I like how the old-timers bring their children and grandchildren along, hoping that their love for the music will somehow 'rub-off.' 

I like the history and how jazz is sad but not so sad that it forgets to be sharp. I like how it puts me in mind of New York, flapper dresses and Langston Hughes. I like the names that are a mouthful, the Dukes and Monks and Kings. I like the smokiness and the sexiness, the baritones and the mellow men and elegant women. Music nourishes, but jazz isn't exactly nourishing. It's too seductive for that - intriguing and intoxicating, a witches brew. Isn't that a song?

I know very little about jazz, but I like it a lot. 

Music for Grown-Ups. 

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