Monday, April 23, 2012

Sugar and Stationery

No matter how old you are, some things manage to always transport you back in time, making you feel as though you were five or eleven years old - chubby-cheeked, carefree and in possession of an embarrassing wardrobe and dubious haircut.

Markers are one of those things. There's something special about reaching into a box filled with colours, grabbing one (or two) and sullying a blank sheet of paper. The sheer pleasure of making a mess? The tangibility of grasping, doodling, drawing? I'm not sure.

And then there is candy. Yellow, red, green, orange bursts of adulterated sugary flavours and unadulterated bliss. Chocolate can be sickly sweet but also sophisticated and grown-up. Candy on the other hand, is most emphatically for kids. Let me not forget lollipops - unseemly gooey blobs precariously mounted on little plastic sticks.  There isn't a finishing school in Switzerland that can teach a young woman to look elegant while sucking on one of them, and that's precisely the point.

Tutti-fruity bread from the local bakery, many loaves of which were consumed in the perilous quest for a taste of ever-elusive sugared fruit. An extinct brand of bite-sized ice-creams which contained chocolate in a vanilla core. Strawberry jam on white bread. Polka dots. Plastic beach buckets. Sand pits. Petting furry dogs (or any animal). Pencil boxes, geometry sets and eraser collections. Diaries with heart-shaped lockets and keys on a string.

Sugar and stationery. The paraphernalia of childhood. Occasional adult fixations.

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Priyanka Nayar said...

Love this post. I also think wistfully of those 'fun-fairs' where we got to eat floss candy till our tummies ached. And how wonderfully huge the cloud of soft, pink sugar looked when I was 3 foot nothing!

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