Saturday, June 16, 2012

One of Those Days

Living in the world that we are in, doing the things that we do, meeting the people that we meet, it's easy on some days to just feel...talked out. Out of conversation, out of idle chatter, out of points of view and persuasive arguments, out of pleasantries. It is on days like these that writing provides respite. Here, in no particular order of importance, are my ten reasons as to why writing trumps talking:

1. It can be accomplished in silence.
2. You don't have to be sensitive to body language, posture, volume and the entire host of non-verbal cues.
3. It puts that other well-meaning voice that exercises better judgement (and apparently lives in your brain and manifests your unconscious) on mute.
4. It gives you a chance to feel superior about grammar and spelling (this one is more in response to another person's writing, but still).
5. You can play around with fonts.
6. You get to complete a sentence without interruption.
7. It demands effort and thought. It's hard (maybe even impossible) to write on auto-pilot.
8. It is one of those increasingly rare things that slows you down.
9. It's solitary but also inclusive. You can share an essay, an e-mail, a blog-post with dozens, hundreds even. You can't converse coherently with more than....four.
10. You can start someplace, end up someplace else, and trace this journey. Great conversations do the same thing, but they're difficult to document.
11. Freebie! It's possible to carve a niche for oneself as a prodigious writer. The prodigious talker space has been claimed, and how.

Talking can also (and frequently does) trump writing. But not on One of Those Days.

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