Thursday, March 28, 2013

Anatomy of a Summer's Day

Stops and starts. Jagged edges, none too smooth. Half begun, mostly undone. Unease about easy lassitude. Books picked up and put down. Music feeling easier than it normally does. Verse read so abruptly it reads like staccato.  Extended naps casting day-long trances. Sitting and staring. Thoughts that miss the train to somewhere. Good intentions come to nought. Long lunches and unhurried conversations. Snippets only peripherally absorbed. Minutiae that consumes hours. Plans unspooled. Semi-articulated ideas fashioning and unfashioning themselves. Tall drinks of water we forget to sip at. Bare feet in band-aids. Everything going nowhere, exactly as it should (not). 
Small excesses that slip through our cracks when it's really truly summer.

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